Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, Novosibirsk, Russia
September 22-25, 2008

10-th International Workshop On Tau Lepton Physics


The Workshop proceedings will be published in Nuclear Physics B (Proceedings Supplements). All talks from the plenary sessions and selected talks from the poster sessions of the Workshop will be published in the proceedings. Contributions should be prepared in accordance with the standards of the journal and submitted to the Organizing Committee before December 10, 2008. Due to a tight publisher's deadline, the publication in the proceedings of contributions received after that deadline cannot be guaranteed.

The following strict rules will apply to all papers in order to be accepted for publication in the Proceedings:

  • General
  • Papers must be written in good, legible English and comply with the standards imposed by the publisher. It is recommended that papers be checked by colleagues working in related fields, but not necessary on the same project.
  • Style
  • Papers must be submitted in Latex, 2-column format with figures included in eps-format. The Latex Style File and a sample file with the instructions for the correct preparation of the papers can be downloaded by courtesy of Elsevier, the publishers of Nuclear Physics, at the following links:
    Letter from Elsevier to authors
    Sample paper containing instructions
    Latex sample paper, style file, and readme for Unix
    Latex sample paper, style file, and readme for Windows
  • Page limits
  • The maximum number of pages per paper including figures and tables are fixed for the different categories of papers as follows:

    • 8 pages for 30 minutes talks
    • 6 pages for all other talks and posters
    Please check that your contributions respects the above limits.
  • Submission of papers for publication
  • The LaTeX file and the pdf/eps figure file(s) together with the complete pdf/postscript file of the entire paper must be sent via e-mail as attachments to tau08@inp.nsk.su.