Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, Novosibirsk, Russia
September 22-25, 2008

10-th International Workshop On Tau Lepton Physics

Tau08 Program

Monday, September 22
General, Lepton Universality (Chair - A. Skrinsky)
10:00A.Skrinsky (Novosibirsk) Welcome10 min
10:10M.Perl (SLAC) Search for fractionally charged particles [PPT] 40 min
10:50A.Zhemchugov (JINR, Dubna) Status of BES3 [PDF] 25 min
11:15I.Nugent (Victoria) Measurements of Charged Current Lepton Universality and |V_us| Using tau Lepton Decays to e- nubar_e nu_tau, mu- nubar_mu nu_tau, pi- nu_tau, K- nu_tau at BaBar [PDF] 25 min
11:40Coffee break
Lepton Universality (Chair - M. Perl)
12:10K.Lynch (Boston) Muon lifetime with MULAN [PDF] 25 min
12:35A.Shamov (Novosibirsk) Tau lepton mass measurement at KEDR [PDF] 25 min
13:00P.Lund (UC, Irvine) Precision measurements of the tau mass at BaBar [PDF] 25 min
Lepton Universality (Chair - M. Roney)
15:00O.Kiselev (PSI) Status of MEG [PPT] 25 min
15:25M.Mazur (Freiburg) Measurement of B Decays with Tau Leptons in the Final State at BaBar [PDF] 25 min
15:50A.Bozek (Krakow) B Decays with taus at Belle [PDF] 25 min
16:15Z.Was (Cracow) Simulation with TAUOLA and PHOTOS [PDF] 25 min
16:35Coffee break
Hadronic decays (Chair - W. Marciano)
17:10K.Chetyrkin (Karlsruhe) Tau Decays in Order alpha^4_s and Higher [PDF] 25 min
17:35M.Davier (Orsay) alpha_s from tau decays [PPT] 20 min
17:55M.Jamin (Barcelona) alpha_s from tau decays [PDF] 20 min
18:15K.Maltman (York) An improved determination of alpha_s(M_tau) from hadronic tau decays [PDF] 20 min
18:35Excursion in the Budker Institute
19:45Welcome party
Tuesday, September 23
Hadronic decays (Chair - M.Jamin)
9:00O.Solovtsova (Gomel) Non-standard approach to hadronic tau decays [PDF] 25 min
9:25P.Roig (Valencia) Improving hadronization of QCD currents in TAUOLA and PHOKHARA [PPT] 25 min
9:50T.Morozumi (Hiroshima) Direct CP violation in hadronic tau decays [PDF] 25 min
10:15K.Maltman (York) Status of V_us determination from hadronic tau decays [PDF] 25 min
10:40M.Gonzalez Alonso (Valencia) Chiral low-energy constants from tau data [PDF] 25 min
11:05Coffee break
Hadronic decays (Chair - A.Stahl)
11:35H.Hayashii (Nara) tau -> 2pi nu at Belle [PPT] 25 min
12:05Y.Usuki (Nagoya) Tau decays with etas at Belle [PDF] 25 min
12:30K.Alwyn (Manchester) Search for Second Class Currents in tau- -> pi- eta nu_tau Decays at BaBar [PPT] 25 min
12:55T.West (Manchester) Search for Second Class Currents in tau- -> omega pi- nu_tau Decays at BaBar [PDF] 25 min
Lepton Flavor Violation (Chair - H.Hayashii)
14:30M.Herrero (Madrid) Lepton Flavor Violation in charged leptons within SUSY-seesaw [PDF] 35 min
15:05S.Turczyk (Siegen) Model-independent analysis of tau -> l+l-l' [PDF] 25 min
15:30A. Stahl (Aachen) tau -> mu mu mu. Beam-dump experiment. [PPT] 10 min
16:00Social Program - Trip to centre of Novosibirsk, performance in the Opera and Ballet Theatre
Wednesday, September 24
Lepton Flavor Violation (Chair - A.Lusiani)
9:00Y.Miyazaki (Nagoya) Search for LFV decays at Belle [PDF] 25 min
9:25M. Roney (Victoria) Search for LFV in tau -> l KS0, tau -> l rho0/K*0(bar)/phi at BaBar [PDF] 25 min
9:50S.Schenk (Heidelberg) Search for LFV decays tau -> lepton + omega at Babar [PDF] 25 min
10:15Y.Usuki (Nagoya) tau -> K* K nu at Belle [PDF] 25 min
10:40M.J.Lee (Seoul) tau -> K pi pi at Belle [PDF] 25 min
11:05A.Wren (Royal Holloway) Precise Measurement of Branching Fraction of tau- -> Ks0 pi- nu_tau at BaBar [PDF] 25 min
11:30Coffee break
g-2 (Chair - M.Davier)
12:00K.Lynch (Boston) Status of g-2 measurement [PDF] 30 min
12:30S.Eidelman (Novosibirsk) Standard Model Predictions for g-2 [PDF] 25 min
12:55A. Grzelinska (Krakow) Status of PHOKHARA [PDF] 25 min
13:20Workshop picture
g-2 (Chair - G.D.Lafferty)
15:00M.Davier (Orsay) Measurement of the Cross Section e+e- -> pi+pi-gamma(FSR) from Threshold to 4 GeV Using Radiative Return with BaBar [PPT] 35 min
15:35G.Venanzoni (Frascati) Pion form factor at KLOE [PDF] 25 min
16:10I.Logashenko (Novosibirsk,Boston) Low energy e+e- -> hadrons in Novosibirsk [PPT] 25 min
16:10  Discussion of results on e+e- -> pi+pi-10 min
16:45Coffee break
g-2, LFV (Chair - Yu.Kudenko)
17:15G. Lopez Castro (Mexico) SU(2) breaking corrections to tau decays [PPT] 25 min
17:40T.Blum (Connecticut) g-2 on the lattice [PDF] 25 min
18:05M.Georgi (Pisa) Search for LFV in tau -> lll at BaBar [PPT] 25 min
18:30Poster Session
19:30Workshop dinner
Thursday, September 25
Neutrino (Chair - V. Paolone)
9:00S. Mikheev (INR, Moscow) Neutrino oscillations (Theory and Experiments) [PPT] 35 min
9:35A.Guglielmi (Padova) CNGS neutrino beam for long base-line experiments: present status and perspectives [PDF] 25 min
10:00K.Arms (Minnesota) Current MINOS Oscillation Results and Status of the NOvA Experiment [PDF] 35 min
10:35R.Terri (Queen Mary) Status of T2K [PDF] 25 min
11:00J.Maeda (TIT) Results on tau physics from HERA [PDF] 25 min
11:25Coffee break
Hadronic machines (Chair - M. Giorgi)
11:55P.Casado (Barcelona) ATLAS tau trigger [PDF] 25 min
12:20F.Sarri (Pisa) Search of the Higgs boson decaying into tau-leptons at ATLAS [PPT] 25 min
12:45A.Kalinowski (Univ. of Regina) Tau Lepton Reconstruction and ID with the ATLAS Detector at LHC [PDF] 25 min
13:10M.Pioppi (CERN) Reconstruction and Identification of hadronic tau decays at CMS [PPT] 25 min
Hadronic machines (Chair - Yu. Kudenko)
15:00M.Giffels (Aachen) Lepton Flavor Violation in the neutrinoless tau decays with the CMS Experiment [PDF] 25 min
15:25Yu.Guz (IHEP, Protvino) LHCb: Status and Perspectives [PPT] 25 min
15:50A.Elagin (Texas AM) Likelihood-based Technique for improved hadronic tau reconstruction at Hadron colliders [PDF] 25 min
16:15P.Svoisky (Fermilab) Tau Lepton Identification and Searches for Higgs with Taus at D0 [PPT] 25 min
16:40Coffee break
Conclusions (Chair - A.Bondar)
17:10G.D.Lafferty (Manchester) Prospects for tau physics in future35 min
17:45W.Marciano (BNL) Summary25 min

Program of the Satellite Meeting "On the Need for a Super-tau-charm Factory"

Friday, September 26
9:00Yu. Tikhonov (Novosibirsk) Welcome [PPT] 10 min
9:10M. Giorgi (Pisa) Project of Super-B Factory and Possibilities of its Operation at the tau-charm Threshold [PPT] 35 min
9:45M. Zobov (Frascati) Test of the Crab-waist scheme at Frascati [PPT] 35 min
10:20E. Levichev (Novosibirsk) Project of the Super-tau-charm factory in Novosibirsk [PPT] 35 min
10:55M.Achasov (Novosibirsk) Energy determination at BEPC II [PPT] 25 min
11:30Coffee break
12:00D. Shatilov (Novosibirsk) Luminosity of the Super-tau-charm factory with crab waist [PPT] 30 min
12:30S. Nikitin (Novosibirsk) Longitudinal polarization at the tau-charm factory [PPT] 30 min
13:00I. Koop (Novosibirsk) Polarization scheme with the odd number of siberian snakes [PPT] 30 min
15:00G.Lafferty (Manchester) Tau lepton physics at Super B factories [PDF] 35 min
15:35A. Schoening (DESY) A high intensity linear collider for a Tau-charm factory [PDF] 30 min
16:05V.Druzhinin (Novosibirsk) Physical Program of the tau-charm factory with longitudinal polarization [PPT] 35 min
16:40Coffee break
17:10Round table on the feasibility of the Super-tau-charm Factory (Conveners - E. Levichev, M. Zobov, M. Giorgi) [PPT]
19:00Social program
Saturday, September 27
9:00I. Koop (Novosibirsk) Source of longitudinally polarized electrons [PPT] 30 min
9:30A. Bogomyagkov (Novosibirsk) Final focus scheme [PDF] 30 min
10:00P. Logachev (Novosibirsk) High-intensity positron source [PPT] 30 min
10:30B. Golob (Ljubljana) Oscillations of D0 mesons and search for CP violation [PPT] 35 min
11:05A. Bondar (Novosibirsk) Project of the Measurement of polarization dependence for the total cross section of NNbar annihilation [PPT] 35 min
11:30Coffee break
12:00P. Pakhlov (Moscow) Charm physics at super B factories [PPT] 40 min
12:40H. Hayashii (Nara) Possible search for tau -> mu/e gamma at the Super-tau-charm factory [PPT] 35 min
15:00Round table on physics and detector for the Super-tau-charm factory (Conveners - A.Bondar, B. Golob, A. Lusiani) [PPT]
18:00Meeting adjourn